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What makes this intensive so special?

Hi, I am Kathy Swanson, your guide for this Book More Calls: Using Automation and AI intensive and I am excited to help your business grow strategically with processes that will let you (and your team if you have one) focus on what you do best.

If you knew how to become a completely confident, focused business owner who is booking all the calls they need to make sales, you would have done it by now.

But some things are easier said than done. And sometimes you (and your team if you have one) don’t have the tools or skills to achieve your goals to attract, retain, and delight your ideal consumers.

Which is why we created the Book More Calls: Using Automation and AI intensive.
It’s 4 weeks of eight bite-sized group sessions that will have you booking more calls, more easily and effectively, using the power of AI and automation to communicate the right content at the right time to your ideal prospects. It includes a 1:1 mini-session with myself to talk about your greatest business challenges and opportunities, use of Keap marketing and business automation software and their new copy generator AI, a pre-made campaign, and short online course modules.

Ultimately, it’s designed to help you have processes that make it easier to book more calls and grow your business.

Step 1:

Save Your Spot!

Step 2:

Have Your Keap App

Let us know if you already have a Keap app, want to get a Free 14-Day Trial for the challenge, or want to buy your Keap app for a special discounted price that only Keap Certified Partners like myself can offer. * NOTE: Discounted Keap Certified Partner pricing as of January 1, 2024
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Step 3:

Get Your Mini-Session

Look for your welcome email and sign up for your mini-session with me ASAP, my schedule fills up quickly ; )

Step 4

Attend the Sessions

Use our convenient link in the welcome email to put the intensive dates and Zoom link into your calendar. Our next sessions are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1:00pm - 2:00pm CST for four weeks in February 2024 (the 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 20th, 21st, 27nd, and 28th).

Have Processes That Make It Easier to Book More Calls

  • Gain the Knowledge

    Do you want to book more calls in the next 60 days than you have in the last 6 months?

  • Use the Tools

    How would you like knowing exactly what to say to your ideal prospects?

  • Increase Sales

    Is it safe to say you'd love a step-by-step process to help you get more clients and/or customers?

Not the right time to grow yet?

Get early notification of our next Book More Calls: Using Automation and AI intensive!

Have Keap and just would like some monthly support?

Get the personal support to keep you moving forward with our Get Moving Support Package for monthly one-hour Zoom sessions with Kathy Swanson.

Here is what you get with your investment:

  • Bite-Sized Group Sessions

    Join fellow business owners and their teams on live online group sessions. Just 1 hour every Tuesday and Wednesday from 1:00pm - 2:00pm CST for four weeks in February 2024 (the 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 20th, 21st, 27nd, and 28th). Receive guidance on how to set up the tools, communicate with prospects, get them scheduled for a call, and have them show up. We will launch at the end of week 3 and handle questions and celebrate early wins during week 4.

  • Book More Calls Intensive Campaign

    We will be loading this pre-made campaign into your Keap app and using the new copy generator AI to create custom copy to better communicate with your prospects so they show up for their call. Enjoy being able to quickly generate copy that speaks to your ideal audience and can be used with all of your marketing components.

  • 1:1 Mini-Session with Kathy Swanson

    Explore your greatest business challenges and opportunities. Allow us to personalize this intensive to meet your goals and turn up the volume on your results.

Opportunity to join our Incubator Program

  • Well qualified participants in this intensive will get an invitation to join our new Get Growing Incubator program at a special monthly price.

  • Get the guidance and support your business needs to grow with 1-on-1 monthly strategy and coaching sessions, group office hours, online training, and more.

Here is what just a few of our clients had to say:

~ Coaches, who have more time now to coach their clients

"Integrated Marketing Werx taught me how to convert more hot leads into prospects and helped me shorten my sales cycle. I'm booking more calls than I have in the last 6 months."

~ Service Providers, who also want to spend more time with their families

"Working with Integrated Marketing Werx has transformed my business. I booked more calls in the past 2 weeks than in the previous 6 months combined. I feel so confident when I talk to my ideal prospects now and the number of inbound inquiries I’m receiving has tripled! I can’t thank you enough!"

What are you waiting for?

This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Do you want to continue not having the time to figure out what to say let alone build a repeatable process? Or would you rather get on the path to achieving your goals?
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