Why Integrated Marketing Werx?

We use the power of proven and effective techniques and business automation, to attract (and retain) the highest value people in the shortest time at the least cost for your unique business.

  • More Systems & Processes

    We believe in the right tool for the right job and design systems and processes that work for your business goals. We can help you do it yourself, do it with you, or do it for you.

  • More Time

    You (and your team if you have one) have more important things to do. That's why we help you focus on your top priorities that fit your unique business and leverage business automation to put more time back in your life and genuis zone.

  • More Sales

    You want to confidentially grow your established, purpose-driven business with actionable strategies that bring in sales and retain your customers / clients... and without all the mumbo-jumbo. We help you shorten the sales cycle and make it easier for people to buy from you.


It's not your fault -- you are wired that way, which is why people love you and the work you do!

Most business owners hate the chaos of growing their company

so we developed packages to help you confidently attract and keep the highest value buyers in the shortest time at the lowest cost

  • We speak your language and translate your ideas into actionable automated systems and processes that work for your business, marketing, sales, service, and operational goals

  • You (and your team if you have one) can be more organized, make better decisions, shorten the buying cycle, and make more sales

  • With the right support and technologies so you can focus on your prospects, buyers, results... and especially on what you do best and your life!

Your Business Automation Guide

Are you a dedicated consultant that is making an impact in your industry and wanting to get the most out of your business automation so you can make more money in less time?

Business Automation Guide, Author, and Speaker Kathy Swanson

With over 25 years of experience helping entrepreneurs and small businesses (and even Fortune 100 companies ;) create strategies and design processes that work to attract, retain, and wow their ideal folks; Kathy Swanson is the guide you have been looking for all this time.

Owner of Integrated Marketing Werx and best-selling author of "Automation Works: Turning Your Marketing from a Money-Pit into a Money-Making MACHINE!", she knows how to cut through the jargon and B.S. to translate your vision into actionable systems throughout your business.

Working with the most up-to-date strategies, systems, tools, and expertise; she is dedicated to helping businesses make their online marketing work -- allowing them to make money while they sleep, effectively use resources, have more time to focus on what they do best, and have a life.

UPCOMING VIDEO PODCAST: Automation Works: Revisited

A LOT has happened since the book became a best-seller in 2016, even before the pandemic. Kathy will be getting back on the air talking about: systematizing your business (and life), the latest in automation for your business as well as marketing and sales, and bringing on fun guests from various industries and the small business world to discuss our observations, concerns, and what we are creating to make life and business even better.
Automation Works

The Business Automation Collective

Are you a Business Automation Professional looking for even more resources to uplevel your business, impact, and life?

Join The Business Automation Collective, a member-based environment with opportunities to quickly get the answers you need; access guides to work on your own business strategy, automation, and issues as well as work confidentially through client strategy and implementation challenges/opportunities; intensives, mini-courses, guest sessions, and more.

Interested in Keap?

If you are not yet a Keap user, as a Keap Certified Parter, we can get you the best pricing available on this all-in-one business automation platform.